Agenda and minutes

Tuesday, 11th December, 2018 7.30 pm

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Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of the existence and nature of any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests from Members in respect of any item to be considered at the meeting.


No declarations of interest were made by Councillors regarding items on the Agenda.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 102 KB

To confirm the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 17 July 2018.


The Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 17 July 2018 were agreed as a true record and signed by the Mayor.


Mayoral Communications/Business

To receive such communications or deal with such business as the Mayor may decide to lay before the Council.


The Mayor made a number of announcements relating to noteworthy events over the past six months and to forthcoming charity events.

On behalf of the Council, he also wished condolences to be recorded to the family of former Councillor Betty Emery who had passed away recently, aged 99.  Mrs. Emery had served for eight years as a Councillor in College Ward, first standing for election in May 1983 and retiring from office in May 1991.



Questions from Councillors pdf icon PDF 81 KB

To answer any written questions from Councillors


Note:  The deadline for questions is 5pm on DD-MM-YY[FC1]  (17.00 hours on the third clear working day before the meeting).

 [FC1]Insert date

Additional documents:


Seven questions had been addressed to Committee Chairmen to which written answers had been provided.

Due to an administrative issue, written replies had not been published on the Council’s website in relation two questions received from Councillor Tina Mountain.  The questions and responses were read out at the meeting and would subsequently be published on the Council’s website.

Supplementary questions relevant to the subject of six of the written questions or responses were asked at the meeting and received a verbal response from the relevant Chairman.


Revisions to Part 4 of the Constitution pdf icon PDF 119 KB

To receive the recommendations of the Standards Committee regarding proposed changes to Standing Orders in Part 4 of the Council’s Constitution.

Additional documents:


The Council received and considered the report of the Chief Legal Officer setting out the recommendations of the Standards Committee regarding proposed changes to Standing Orders in Part 4 of the Council’s Constitution.

Councillor Mike Teasdale MOVED and Councillor Clive Smitheram SECONDED the adoption of the recommendations in the report.

Upon being put, the motion was CARRIED (unanimously).

Accordingly, it was RESOLVED that:

(1)          The revised Rules of Procedure for Council and Committee meetings, set out at Annex 1 to the report, be approved;

(2)          The revised Contract Standing Orders,  set out at Annex 2 to the report, be approved for inclusion in Part 4, Section 6 of the Constitution,  subject to the correction of paragraph 5.45 to read as follows: “For procurement valued above the OJEU limit, tenders shall be evaluated by at least two officers including a representative from the Finance Department and the relevant department”;

(3)          The proposed Protocol and Guidance on recording, photography and the use of social media, set out at Annex 3 to the report, be approved for inclusion in Part 5 of the Constitution;

(4)          The inclusion of the Council’s Petition Scheme, (approved at its meeting in July 2010), be approved in Part 2 as Article 16 of the Council’s Constitution, as set out at Annex 4 to the report;

(5)          authority be delegated to the Monitoring Officer to make any further changes as may be necessary arising out of this report in consultation with the Chairman of the Standards Committee;

(6)          the Council noted that in accordance with authority already delegated to the Monitoring Officer, changes would be made to job titles in the remainder of Part 4 of the Constitution to update in line with the management structure.


Appointment to Outside Body and Confirmation of Committee Appointments pdf icon PDF 91 KB

To approve appointments vacancies on Council Committees and appoint to a vacancy on an Outside Body.


The Council considered the report of the Chief Legal Officer, which set out the requirements of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989. Members received information as to the wishes of the Residents’ Association Group as to Committee appointments. The report also sought an appointment to a vacancy on the Epsom and Walton Down’s Training Management Board.


(1)          Councillor Robert Foote be appointed to the vacancy on the Epsom and Walton Downs Training Board;

(2)          (a)       Councillor Mike Teasdale fill the vacancy on the Planning      Committee;

(b)       Councillor Robert Foote fill the vacancy on the Licencing and            Planning Policy Committee;

(c)        Councillor Colin Keane replace Councillor Liz Frost on the     Strategy and Resources Committee;

(d)       Councillor David Reeve be appointed as the Vice Chairman of the   Licensing and Planning Policy Committee.


Notices of Motion pdf icon PDF 86 KB

This report sets out notices of motions ruled in order by the Mayor in consultation with the Chief Legal Officer.

Additional documents:


“Women 100”

In pursuance of the Council’s Rules of Procedure, Councillor Hannah Dalton MOVED and Councillor Tella Wormington SECONDED that:

“This Council notes and welcomes the work undertaken by the HR Team and officers across the Council to ensure that our policies and procedures promote equality, and which makes Epsom and Ewell an excellent and welcoming place for women to work and succeed.

In this year, marking the centenary of the first time women exercised the right to vote in a General Election, this Council also commends and celebrates the significant achievements of women in the Borough, and their important contribution to the history and development of Epsom and Ewell across a wide range of social, political, cultural, educational and environmental changes and advance”

Following consideration of advice given by the Chief Executive, the Council was unanimous that the motion be debated at the meeting.

Upon being put, the MOTION was CARRIED (unanimously).

“Variation to Car Park Charges”

In pursuance of the Council’s Rules of Procedure, Councillor Tina Mountain MOVED and Councillor Alex Clarke SECONDED that:

“This Council should agree that the first half hour of parking in all Epsom and Ewell Borough Car Parks should be free”

Following consideration of advice given by the Chief Executive, it was put to the Council that the matter be referred to the relevant Committee and the Mayor was requested to put the matter of referral to the vote.

Upon being put, there were 23 members in favour, 6 against and no abstentions

Accordingly, it was RESOLVED that

The matter be referred to the Environment and Safe Communities Committee