Committee details

Planning Committee

Purpose of committee

Public speaking at meetings of the Planning Committee

In relation to planning applications, there are three categories of speaker per application: objector, supporter and applicant/agent.


Registration to speak

A person who wishes to speak at a Planning Committee must register their wish to do so between 5.30pm and 6.30pm on the evening of the meeting at the Town Hall reception desk.

Normally, in addition to the applicant/agent, only one member of the public may speak for or against a single application.

Registration will normally be on a first come, first served basis, but an individual may choose to waive this right in favour of someone who attempted to register at a later time.

Alternatively, several members of the public may appoint one person to speak on their behalf.


Procedure during the meeting

Speakers shall be called in the order of (1) objector (2) supporter (3) applicant/agent.

A speaker shall have a maximum of three minutes to address the Committee and must confine their remarks to the application upon which they requested to speak. The address shall be in the form of a statement, not attempts to question the applicant or other person, but may address issues raised by other speakers.

The applicant/agent shall be given an amount of time equal to the amount of time allocated to the all the objectors.


Terms of Reference



Terms of Reference

Number of Councillors

Planning Committee


1     Deal with regulatory matters required by, and flowing from, Town and Country Planning legislation including matters relating to high hedges;

2     Develop and maintain communication and consultation with the public, local businesses and relevant organisations;

3     Determine the level of delegation to officers





Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services, email: tel: 01372 732000