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Financial Policy Panel

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Questions from the Public

Questions from the public are not permitted at meetings of the Financial Policy Panel. Part 4 of the Council’s Constitution sets out which Committees are able to receive public questions, and the procedure for doing so.

Terms of Reference


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Terms of Reference

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Financial Policy Panel

1   To advise the Strategy and Resources Committee on:-

(a)          all matters relating to the Budget and Policy Framework (including the setting of staff pay);

(b)          new legislation or government policy relating to local government finance;

(c)          procurement strategy and those matters that have budget or procurement implications for more than one committee;

(d)          performance against key performance indicators.

2   To ensure effective scrutiny of the treasury management strategy and policies.

3   To respond on behalf of the Strategy and Resources Committee to urgent consultation requests from central or regional government.



Membership to include: Chairmen of the Environment Safe Communities, Community & Wellbeing &  Strategy & Resources