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Appointment of Committees 2024-25

Meeting: 14/05/2024 - Council (Item 9)

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To note the allocation of seats on Committees and Advisory Panels, approve the appointments to Committees and Advisory Panel and the appointments of Chairs and Vice Chairs to such.

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The Council considered a report seeking approval of the allocation of seats on Committees and Advisory Panels; the appointments to Committees and Advisory Panels and the appointment of Chairs and Vice-Chairs for the 2024/25 Municipal Year.

Following consideration, it was resolved unanimously that the Council:

(1)          Noted the allocation of seats based on political balance and proportionality;

(2)          Allocated seats on the Committees and Advisory Panels in accordance with the wishes of the political groups set out in Appendix 1 to the report and detailed below;

(3)          Appointed Chairs and Vice Chairs in light of the nominations received as set out in Appendix 1 to the report and detailed below.

(4)          Appointed all members of Council as substitutes for their group members on committees, where the group member is unable to attend a meeting.

Audit and Scrutiny Committee (8): Steven McCormick (Chair), Phil Neale (Vice Chair), Chris Ames, Alex Coley, Graham Jones, James Lawrence, Jan Mason, Alan Williamson.

Community and Wellbeing Committee (8): Clive Woodbridge (Chair), Bernice Froud (Vice Chair), Rob Geleit, Graham Jones, Alison Kelly, Rachel King, Humphrey Reynolds, Kim Spickett.

Environment (8): Liz Frost (Chair), Alan Williamson (Vice Chair), Arthur Abdulin, Christine Cleveland, Tony Froud, Jan Mason, Julie Morris, Kieran Persand.

Crime and Disorder Committee (5): Shanice Goldman (Chair), Tony Froud, Christine Howells, James Lawrence, Alan Williamson.

Licensing and Planning Policy Committee (10): Peter O’Donovan (Chair), Neil Dallen (Vice Chair), Robert Leach, Rob Geleit, Shanice Goldman, Julie Morris, Phil Neale, Kieran Persand, Humphrey Reynolds, Clive Woodbridge.

Planning Committee (10): Steven McCormick (Chair), Clive Woodbridge (Vice Chair), Kate Chinn, Neil Dallen, Julian Freeman, Jan Mason, Bernie Muir, Phil Neale, Humphrey Reynolds, Chris Watson.

Strategy and Resources Committee (8): Neil Dallen (Chair), Hannah Dalton (Vice Chair), Kate Chinn, Alex Coley, Alison Kelly, Robert Leach, Lucie McIntyre, Phil Neale.

Shareholder Sub-Committee (5): To be appointed by the Strategy and Resources Committee.

Standards and Constitution Committee (6): Hannah Dalton (Chair), Rachel King (Vice Chair), Chris Ames, John Beckett, James Lawrence, Robert Leach.

Financial Strategy Advisory Group (6): Neil Dallen (Chair), Hannah Dalton, Liz Frost, Alison Kelly, Peter O’Donovan, Clive Woodbridge.

Health Liaison Panel (6): Christine Cleveland (Chair), Liz Frost,  Bernice Froud, Bernie Muir, Kim Spickett, Darren Talbot.

Human Resources Panel (6): Phil Neale (Chair), Chris Ames, Bernice Froud, Kieran Persand, Kim Spickett, Chris Watson.

Nonsuch Park Joint Management Committee (3): Julian Freeman, Christine Howells, Tony Froud.

Surrey Police and Crime Panel (1): Shanice Goldman