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Progress Report - October 2016

Meeting: 21/11/2016 - Nonsuch Park Joint Management Committee (Item 89)

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A report to update the Joint Management Committee on the progress of matters considered previously and the activities of Volunteer Groups.

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A report was received and noted by the Joint Management Committee which updated members on the progress of the following:

·                 South and South East in Bloom Award

·                 Update from Volunteer groups

South and South East in Bloom Award: With the Committee’s support Nonsuch Park had submitted an entry to the South and South East in Bloom Award.  The judging session took place on 18 July and lasted 2 hours.  Nonsuch Park achieved a silver award, just one point off a silver-gilt award, and it was noted that Peter Holman of South and South East in Bloom had agreed to come back to the Park to offer advice and tips to help the Park achieve a gold award in the future.

The Joint Management Committee wished to record congratulations and thanks to all those involved in this prestigious event.

Update from Volunteer Groups:  An update from Nonsuch Voles was appended to the report.  In particular Mr Airey reported that they were making good progress restoring the wall in the greenhouse area. However in the formal gardens it was to be noted that regrettably time spent repairing the damage due to vandalism was increasing.

Updates on bird observation, (prepared by Peter Camber), and the Nonsuch butterfly surveys, (prepared by Bill Downey, Transect Co-ordinator of Surrey and SW London branch of Butterfly Conservation working with Sarah Clift) from Nonsuch Watch were appended to the report.  Ms Wright, secretary of Nonsuch Watch was sad to reflect that sightings of birds had decreased along with butterfly sightings in the Park.

Mr. Smith of Friends of Nonsuch provided a verbal update at the meeting.  He reported that the museum had been closed in preparation for opening in April, however the Nonsuch gallery was now open every Sunday from 11am until 3pm.  Mr. Smith also reported that the new seat had arrived commemorating brothers Charles and Harry Farmer, two soldiers who lost their lives in the first world war.  They were nephews of the former owner of Nonsuch, Captain Farmer.

The Joint Management Committee wished its thanks to the volunteer groups recorded;  Nonsuch Voles, Nonsuch Watch, in particular Sarah Clift for her work on the butterfly survey, and Friends of Nonsuch.