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Round Pond

Meeting: 21/11/2016 - Nonsuch Park Joint Management Committee (Item 86)

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This report seeks the approval of the Committee, on behalf of the Lower Mole Project/Future Woodlands, for a phased approach to the restoration of the Round Pond.


Following a report submitted on behalf of the Lower Mole Project in January 2014, the JMC had been active in exploring the best way to restore the Round Pond to enhance its wildlife value.  The Committee received a report setting out a scheme for a phased programme of renovation, which was in line with the recommendations set out in the Habitat Management Plan. 

The Committee was asked to consider the proposal as set out below:


Phase 1

During the autumn/winter 2016 after the bird nesting season, in order to reduce shading, some tree cover on the south side of the pond should be removed, whilst retaining the rest of the trees and scrub as habitat.

Phase 1 result

The return of emergent and marginal vegetation due to additional light.

Phase 2

During spring/summer 2017 the construction of a post and rail fence around the pond, with stock fencing and a field gate for tractor access.

Phase 2 result

To allow the pond weed and bank side vegetation to return and become established, minimal disturbance would result in a decrease in turbidity as the water clarity improves due to the sediment settling.  This would enable the great crested newts to return and use the pond as an egg laying site.

The importance of involving all residents who could be effected by the plans was highlighted, in particular the dog walking community. It was suggested that openness and transparency were key to ensuring that park users had the opportunity to comment on the programme, and it was noted that Facebook would be an appropriate vehicle to open up a conversation and spread the word.

Members were urged to view other ponds in the area that had been enclosed by fencing.  Ponds in Bookham and Epsom Downs were suggested as good examples.

Accordingly the Committee agreed:

(1)          to the proposal to carry out Phase 1 works (tree works) over the autumn/winter 2016 and agreed in principle to Phase 2 works subject to further consultation with Nonsuch Watch and the dog walking community.

(2)          that the formation of a pond in Sparrow Farm road dog free area be explored and a further and a report be submitted to the JMC to consider at a future meeting.