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Matters arising from Previous Meetings & Other Items of Interest

Meeting: 24/04/2017 - Nonsuch Park Joint Management Committee (Item 115)

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The Committee is asked to note the current situation on issues raised previously and other items of interest.


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Marking out boundaries of the Old Palace

Councillor Mike Teasdale outlined the progress to date as follows:

·                 It had been suggested that the rubble from the original palace stored in the basement could be used with a mixture of chalk to mark out the boundary of the original palace.  The Museum of London, who own the rubble had been approached with the proposal to use only the small pieces of stone that they were willing to give up.  It was agreed that a Committee representative would write to Professor Biddle who was involved with the original project in 1959 to mark the stones, to inform him of the proposals and reassure him that no pieces of stone would be destroyed or crushed to use in the project.

·                 The cost of constructing the boundary markings was also being investigated, however it was not possible to obtain any quotes until the materials to be used had been confirmed.  The Committee noted the progress to date, and it was agreed that a report detailing the options for construction and the estimated costs would be provided at the next Joint Management Committee meeting.

·                 Nonsuch Watch were given assurances that no trees would be destroyed as a result of marking out the boundaries of the Old Palace.

Linking with Historical Palaces

The Committee was informed that a response had been received to a letter of enquiry advising that as the original palace was no longer standing the current site/buildings could not demonstrate a relevant connection with its former ‘royal use’ required to fit in with the charity’s main cause ‘to help everyone explore the story of how monarchs and people have shaped society in some of the greatest palaces ever built.’   

Children’s Play Area in the Dog Free Zone

The Committee noted the progress to date, and it was agreed that in order to consider the project further, a report would have to be submitted detailing the equipment costs and options (with supporting literature), maintenance costs and project timetable, bearing in mind that planning permission would have to be granted prior to commencement.  It was also suggested that naturalistic equipment would be more suited to the park environment and that a park adjacent to Vauxhall Bridge was a good example.

Assurance of the demand for a children’s play area was given and supported by the 2014 Nonsuch Park visitor survey that placed this type of project at the top of the list of requests. 

Flying Drones in Nonsuch Park

Due to a growing concern regarding the use of drones in Nonsuch Park, the Committee was asked to consider the displaying of posters on the park notice boards outlining people’s responsibilities when using drones in public places.  The Committee was informed that the existing byelaws governing Nonsuch Park did not cover the use of drones and officers were seeking legal advice regarding the viability in terms of cost and timescales of banning the drones. 

Members discussed the implications of displaying the drone code.  Councillors voted and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 115