Superseded, Constitution of Epsom and Ewell Borough Council - Wednesday, 30th November, 2016

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Part 1 - Summary and Explanation pdf icon PDF 88 KB

Sets out the purpose and an overview of the content of the Constitution


PART 2 - Articles of the Constitution pdf icon PDF 161 KB

Contains fifteen (15) Articles which set out the basic rules governing the Council’s business.  More detailed procedures and codes of practice are provided in separate rules and protocols set out in Parts 3 to 5 of the Constitution


Part 3 - Responsibility for Functions pdf icon PDF 169 KB

Sets out the Council’s committee structure and committee terms of reference and defines the role and responsibilities of Councillors and Officers, in particular functions/decision making responsibilities delegated to Officers.


Part 4 - Rules of Procedure pdf icon PDF 513 KB

Sets out various rules of procedure for both Officers and Members, in particular governing the conduct of Council meetings, the management of the Council’s finances and the award of contracts


Part 5 - Codes and Protocols pdf icon PDF 419 KB

Sets out various Codes and Protocols adopted by the Council, in particular the Code of Conduct for Members, Code of Good Practice in relation to planning matters and the Council’s Whistleblowing Policy


Part 6 - Councillors' Allowances Scheme pdf icon PDF 76 KB

Scheme of Members Allowances as at May 2016.


PART 7 - Management Structure pdf icon PDF 82 KB

Diagrammatic representation of the Management Structure of the Council approved in March 2015