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Questions and Statements from the Public


Questions and statements from the public are not permitted at meetings of the Council. Annex 4.2 of the Epsom & Ewell Borough Council Operating Framework sets out which Committees are able to receive public questions and statements, and the procedure for doing so.


Terms of Reference


The Full Council will exercise the following functions:

1.    Adopting and changing the Constitution.

2.    Approving and adopting the policy framework, the budget and the annual council tax requirements, and any application to the Secretary of State in respect of any housing land transfer.

3.    Making decisions about any matter relating to the discharge of a function covered by the policy framework or budget where a decision would be contrary to the policy framework or contrary or not wholly in accordance with the budget.

4.    Agreeing and / or amending the terms of reference for committees, deciding on their composition and making appointments to them (except for authorised substitutions in accordance with the relevant rules of procedure in Appendix 4 and Appendix 5).

5.    Appointing annually the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

6.    Appointing representatives to outside bodies unless the council has otherwise delegated the making of a particular appointment..

7.    Creating, amending or dissolving committees (including joint committees) of the council and determining the terms of reference of such committees and appointing members to serve on its committees.

8.    Delegating functions to other local authorities or their executives and deciding whether or not to accept such a delegation from another local authority.

9.    Adopting a Members Allowances Scheme.

10. Changing the name of the Borough.

11. Conferring the titles of Honorary Alderman or Honorary Freeman.

12. Confirming the appointment, redundancy or early retirement of the Chief Executive, and statutory officers.

13. Determining any delegation to officers which does not fall with the remit of any committee, or Appendix 2.

14. Making, amending, revoking, re-enacting or adopting bylaws and promoting or opposing the making of local legislation or personal bills.

15. Determining the level of disciplinary action or dismissal of specified statutory senior officers.

16. Appointing the Independent Person or a Panel of such from which an Independent Person may be called upon when required.

17. Appointing members of the Independent Remuneration Panel.

18. Adopting the Code of Conduct for Members (Appendix 1) and the arrangements for dealing with complaints.

19. Considering those matters referred to it from time-to-time by Audit and Scrutiny Committee and by other council committees.

20. Considering petitions which are referred to Full Council under the Petition Scheme.

21. All other matters which by law must be reserved to the Full Council.