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Health Liaison Panel

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Questions and Statements from the Public


Questions and statements from the public are not permitted at meetings of this Panel. Annex 4.2 of the Epsom & Ewell Borough Council Operating Framework sets out which Committees are able to receive public questions and statements, and the procedure for doing so.


Terms of Reference




Advisory Panel

Terms of Reference

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Health Liaison Panel

1     To advise the Community & Wellbeing Committee on:


(a)          preparing, promoting and monitoring the Council’s Health Strategy in association with National Health Service bodies, Social Services and the voluntary sector.


(b)          providing leadership and liaising with NHS bodies, the County Council and other agencies to promote the effective use of all resources and the delivery of best value Health and Social Services to the community.


2     Working in partnership with a councillor from each of the following – Elmbridge Borough Council, Mole Valley District Council, Reigate and Banstead Borough Council and officers from these local authorities on:


·           Promoting the interests of the local residents in any decisions concerning health services.


·           developing a shared vision for the nature, location and quality of local NHS services.


·           facilitating partnership working and the sharing of information and to co-ordinate input into the NHS decision-making processes.


·           providing a focus for the councillor-lead meetings and interaction with local NHS representatives.


·           Furthering the local democratic legitimacy of NHS bodies and their local public accountability.


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