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Shareholder Sub Committee

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Information about Shareholder Sub Committee

Questions from the Public

Questions from the public are not permitted at meetings of the Shareholder Sub Committee. Part 4 of the Council’s Constitution sets out which Committees are able to receive public questions, and the procedure for doing so.


Terms of Reference


Sub Committee

Terms of Reference

Number of Councillors

Shareholder Sub Committee

(Politically balanced)

Must meet once per annum

(a)  Power to remove and appoint company directors;

(b)  Approve the annual company business plan, ensuring that it aligns with the corporate objectives of the Council;

(c)   Periodically evaluate financial performance of a company, and performance against the current business plan;

(d)  Consider any recommendations to cease trading by a company;

(e)  Monitor compliance with relevant legislation;

(f)    Approve any Shareholder Agreement with the company, or any variation to such agreement;

(g)  Consider such other matters, as require prior consultation with shareholders or as are reserved to the Shareholders in general meeting, and make such decision on those matters as they think fit.