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Questions and Statements from the Public


At meetings of the Shareholder Sub-Committee, any member of the public who lives, works, attends an educational establishment or owns or leases land in the Borough may ask a question or make a statement on matters within the Terms of Reference of the Committee.


If you wish to ask a question or make a statement at a meeting of this Committee, please contact Democratic Services at:


Questions must be received in writing by Democratic Services by noon on the third working day before the day of the meeting. A summary of statements must be received by Democratic Services by noon on the working day before the day of the meeting


For more information on public speaking protocol at Committees, please see Annex 4.2 of the Epsom & Ewell Borough Council Operating Framework.


Terms of Reference


Sub Committee

Terms of Reference

Number of Councillors

Shareholder Sub Committee

(politically balanced)

The Shareholder Sub-Committee acts in accordance with the terms of reference below so far as they relate to any company established as a wholly owned company of the council.

The Strategy & Resources Committee shall appoint the Chair of the Shareholder Sub-Committee at its first meeting in the municipal year, who shall hold office until the next such meeting. If the Chair resigns by giving written notice of resignation to the Chief Executive, the sub-committee shall, as the first item of business at its next meeting, elect a successor, to hold office until a replacement can be appointed by the Strategy & Resources Committee. The Chair, if present, shall preside. If the Chair is absent, the Sub-Committee shall elect one of the members present as Chairman of the meeting.

The Sub-Committee will comply with the Political Balance Rules in Section 15 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989.

The committee must meet once per annum.


(a)  Power to remove and appoint company directors.


(b)  Approve the annual company business plan, ensuring that it aligns with the corporate objectives of the council.


(c)   Periodically evaluate financial performance of a company, and performance against the current business plan.


(d)  Consider any recommendations to cease trading by a company.


(e)  Monitor compliance with relevant legislation.


(f)    Approve any Shareholder Agreement with the company, or any variation to such agreement.


(g)  Consider such other matters, as require prior consultation with shareholders or as are reserved to the Shareholders in general meeting, and make such decision on those matters as they think fit.


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