Agenda item

Overview and update on operations at Mass Vaccination Centres across Surrey Downs ICP

Updates regarding:

·         Mass vaccination centres, and the progress made in the vaccination rollout across the Surrey Downs ICP.

·         Plans for the proposed booster vaccination programme, and the implications for variants of concern

Speaker: Steve Flanagan – CEO, CSH Surrey



Updates regarding:

·                     Mass vaccination centres, and the progress made in the vaccination rollout across the Surrey Downs ICP.

·                     Plans for the proposed booster vaccination programme, and the implications for variants of concern.

Mr. Flanagan presented to the Panel on the mass vaccination centres.

Mr. Flanagan advised the Panel that the mass vaccination centre at Epsom Racecourse opened on 11th January 2021 to great success. This facility has now closed and transferred to Sandown on 17th May 2021. Mr. Flanagan commented that at its peak, and as the first in the Country, Epsom was the number one site across the whole of the UK and as a result were asked to coordinate services to a number of vaccination sites around the country.

During the peak, Epsom was vaccinating 2,500 persons per day. At Sandown they have capacity to administer similar volumes but at present are not seeing these numbers.

The centres deliver a hybrid model with both seated areas for older people, and a standing only for the younger cohort. 

Prior to closing, Epsom administered 125,000 vaccinations, with Dr Floyd’s team administering 66,000. At present Sandown has administered 40,000.

Mr. Flanagan spoke about the staff and volunteers that supported the vaccination centres.

CSH has vaccinated 90% of its staff.

Mr. Flanagan spoke to the Panel about the challenges faced at the centre being mostly centred on parking, workforce, national booking system, vaccine supply, security with younger cohort, increase in fainting in younger cohort, and adverse weather conditions.

Mr. Flanagan moved to talk about vaccination data up to the 13th June 2021.

Almost 1.4 million vaccine have been administered, inclusive of second and third doses.

In respect of care homes in Surrey, 96% of care home residents have now been vaccinated.

In respect of Epsom and Ewell, first dose update is at 59% of the adult population with the highest uptake (94%) in those over 65-years of age and the lowest in those under 29-years of age.

In respect of second dose, 92% of those aged over 65-years old in Epsom and Ewell have received this, with the younger cohorts at under 20% up-take. Mr. Flanagan advised this is partly attributive to vaccine supply however this is close to resolution.

Mr. Flanagan advised that it has been confirmed by central government today that there will be a booster programme and that this will roll-out from mid-September and will include those aged over 50-years, health, and social care workers, and those aged over 18-years old who are clinically vulnerable. It is yet to be confirmed how this will be rolled out, however it is likely to be a primary care led initiative with support from pharmacists.

A Councillor asked about vaccine supply and whether this is a national or local issue and how it is resolved.

Mr. Flanagan advised this was a supply issue with AstraZeneca (AZ), coupled with there not being enough Pfizer in the system at that time. This was a national issue. As of next week however, they will be back to 90% capacity.

A Councillor praised the vaccine rollout and asked a question about vaccine hesitancy and how this is being addressed.

 Mr. Flanagan advised this is a question for NHS England as there may be various reasons, including health issues. To his knowledge vaccine hesitancy has improved and they did not experience too many problems with this in respect of their staff. There was also the view that younger people would be reluctant, but this was not found to be the case.

A Councillor asked about storage at lower temperatures and how this impacts on capacity.

Mr. Flanagan advised that AZ offers more flexibility in respect of storage, however Pfizer is also centrally held and delivered to sites as required. They then have 5-days to use this. They therefore don’t have any issues with capacity based on storage requirements.

A Councillor asked about the capacity of Pharmacists to administer vaccines.

Mr. Flanagan advised he is unable to answer on behalf of pharmacies. Mr. Flanagan advised that they had been advised that there would be no need for a mass vaccination centre going into the winter however as of this morning, this has now changed and there is now a requirement to deliver a mass vaccination centre alongside pharmacist and GP provision.