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Grant of Premises Licence Horton Chapel Arts & Heritage Society, The Horton, Haven Way, Epsom KT19 8NP

The Licensing (Hearing) Sub-Committee (“the Sub-Committee”) is being asked to determine an application for a premises licence made under the Licensing Act 2003 sections 17 and 18.


The Licensing (Hearing) Sub-Committee was requested to determine an application for a new premises licence made under the Licensing Act 2003 section 17.

No objections were received from relevant authorities.

Verbal representations were received by the Sub-Committee from the Applicant and 6 other persons.

The Applicant responded to the questions from the Sub-Committee and other persons making representations and confirmed the following:

a)            Duty Manager: The Applicant informed the Sub-Committee that during late-night opening times, the Duty Manager would be equipped with a mobile, the number for which would be provided to local residents. This would allow for any concerns to be raised and addressed. The Duty Manager would also be responsible for perimeter patrol checks.

b)            Capacity: The Applicant informed the Sub-Committee that following an investigation from the Fire Brigade, a capacity of 472 had been set.

c)            Weddings: The Applicant informed the Sub-Committee that Horton Chapel is not intended to be used as a wedding venue, but would be used on occasion as such in order to fund other charitable activities. Due to their exclusive nature, weddings could be charged a premium rate which would be of benefit to the charity.

d)            Smoking area: The Applicant informed the Sub-Committee that if a smoking area was to be designated for the duration of an event, it would be situated garden-side, as opposed to car park-side. This would help alleviate any noise disturbance to local residents. A limit would also be placed on the number of people allowed in the smoking area, which would be set out within the policy.

The Sub-Committee retired, with their legal representative, to consider the application further and then the meeting reconvened in public. The Chair announced the decision of the Sub-Committee which is detailed below.

Following consideration of the material presented in the agenda, the written and verbal representations made, and having had regard to the Statutory Guidance and the Licensing Policy of the Council, the Sub-Committee resolved to:

Grant the Application for a premises licence (subject to relevant mandatory conditions; a condition to comply with the operating schedule and modified with the conditions set out below) for the provision ofplays, films,indoor sporting events,music, dance,supply of alcohol,retail sale of alcohol as follows:

The licensable activitieswill stop at 10pm outdoors with the outdoor area to closeat 10.30pm– that applies 7 days per week.

Sunday to Thursday thelicensable activities will cease in the indoor area (beingthe Chapel) at 10.30pmand the Chapel will close at 11pm.

Friday and Saturday thelicensable activities in the Chapel will stop at11.30pm and the Chapel will close atmidnight. In addition there will be a late nightrefreshment licence on Friday and Saturday until 11.30pm.Those termination hourswill also apply on New Year’s Eve.

In addition to mandatory conditions anda requirement to comply with operatingprocedures we are referred to in the application,the licence is subject tothe following conditions.

(1)          Drinks served outside are to be servedin reusable and non-breakable containers.

(2)          The premises can be used for weddingson up to 12 dates percalendar year.

While under deregulation theApplicant could (if an unlicensed premises) terminatesome ofthose activities later than is now permittedunder this licence’s conditions,in granting the application for a new licence for thesale and supply of alcohol the Sub-Committee considered it a minimum requirement to impose conditions with thetermination hours setout above.

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