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Standards and Constitution Committee

Purpose of committee

Questions from the Public

Questions from the public are not permitted at meetings of the Standards Committee. Part 4 of the Council’s Constitution sets out which Committees are able to receive public questions, and the procedure for doing so.


Terms of Reference



Terms of Reference

Number of Councillors

Standards Committee

1     To assist and advise the Council in meeting its duty to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by members.

2     To monitor and review the effectiveness of the Code of Conduct for members.

3     To monitor, review and propose amendments to the Council’s Rules of Procedure.

4     To consider and determine (or delegate to a Hearings Sub-Committee) complaints referred by the Monitoring Officer for determination under the Code of Conduct for members

5     To ensure that the general public are informed of the effectiveness of the Council’s promotion of high standards of conduct by members and effectiveness of arrangements to deal with breaches of the Code of Conduct for members.

6     To grant dispensations relieving a member from either or both of the restrictions in section 31(4) of the Localism Act 2011.





Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services, Email: tel: 01372 732000