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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Declarations of Interest ref: 102326/07/202126/07/2021Not for call-in
Future of the Building Control Service ref: 103421/09/202121/09/2021Not for call-in
Rough Sleeping Accommodation Programme (RSAP) 2021/22 ref: 103021/09/202121/09/2021Not for call-in
2022/23 Budget Targets and Finance Update ref: 103321/09/202121/09/2021Not for call-in
Land For Highways Adoption at Rosebank, Epsom Outside St Joseph's School ref: 103221/09/202121/09/2021Not for call-in
Commercial Tenants Update ref: 103521/09/202121/09/2021Not for call-in
Annual Plan 2021/22 ref: 102821/09/202121/09/2021Not for call-in
Procurement of Temporary Agency Staff ref: 103121/09/202121/09/2021Not for call-in
2020-21 Statement of Accounts and Audit Findings ref: 102921/09/202121/09/2021Not for call-in
Question Time ref: 102709/09/202109/09/2021Not for call-in
Declarations of Interest ref: 102409/09/202109/09/2021Not for call-in
Response to South West Railways timetable consultation ref: 102609/09/202109/09/2021Not for call-in
Local Listing of Horton Cemetery ref: 102509/09/202109/09/2021Not for call-in