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Crime and Disorder Sub-Committee

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Crime & Disorder Sub Committee

Terms of Reference

Number of Councillors


(Politically balanced)

(a)       To be active members of the Community Safety Partnership (CSP), which is a statutory multi agency group which meets quarterly with the remit to work together to reduce crime and disorder in the community. The primary functions of the CSP are to:

           reduce high harm crime (Child Sexual Exploitation, Violence Against Women and Girls, Serious Organised Crime including Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery) and anti-social behaviour by tackling offenders, reduce reoffending and to support vulnerable victims and areas;

           protect the most vulnerable individuals in our communities from high harm and abuse;

           maintain public confidence by making residents feel safe and secure.

(b)       The PREVENT and PROTECT activities, both part of the CONTEST (Counter Terrorism) strategy which uses an early intervention multi-agency problem solving approach to manage risk and works in pre criminal space. The main aim of the Prevent workstream is to reduce the threat to the UK from terrorism by stopping people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. The PROTECT workstream concentrates on keeping the public safe from an attack.


Chair/Vice of Environment & Safe Communities

Chair/Vice of Community & Wellbeing (co-opted)

1 RA Councillor (E&SC Committee)

1 Opposition Councillor (by party nomination)

1 member of Surrey Crime Police Panel (co-opted)