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Licensing and Planning Policy Committee

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Information about Licensing and Planning Policy Committee

Questions from the Public


Members of the public who live, work, attend an educational establishment or own or lease land in the Borough may submit a written question to, or ask a question verbally at meetings of the Licensing and Planning Policy Committee on matters within the committee’s Terms of Reference.


Written questions must be submitted to Democratic Services. The written question must arrive by noon on the tenth working day before the day of the meeting. For example, for a meeting on a Tuesday, the request must therefore arrive by noon on the Tuesday two weeks before the meeting.


Terms of Reference



Number of Councillors

Licensing & Planning Policy Committee


Terms of Reference:

1.    To be responsible for exercising regulatory and policy functions under the relevant legislation concerning the determination of:

a)    Alcohol and entertainment licence applications;

b)    Gambling licence applications;

c)    Applications for the granting, renewal, transfer or revocation or sex establishments licenses; private hire and public hire licences.

2.    To be responsible for influencing and controlling development and use of land as Local Planning Authority including:

a)    Preparation, adoption and review of the statutory Development Plan, including Local Development Documents;

b)    Preparation, adoption and review of Supplementary Planning Documents.

3.    To carry out the functions falling within the Committee’s area of responsibility as set out below, working within the budget and policy framework approved by Council, except where these functions remain the reserve of the Council or have been delegated to another Committee within the Council’s scheme of delegation.

4.    To recommend to Council new or changes to previously approved policies.

5.    To establish Sub Committees or member working groups to progress work of the Committee.

6.    To decide on matters falling within its responsibility or delegate decision making to Directors of the Council. However, this does not prevent the Committee from choosing to exercise the function itself.


Areas of responsibility:

a)     To consider and approve Local Plan documents for public consultation (including Development Plan Documents up to Preferred Options stage and Supplementary Planning Documents up to Consultation stage);

b)     To consider and recommend for approval to Council, submission versions of Development Plan documents;

c)      To consider and approve final versions of Supplementary Planning Guidance (including Masterplans and Design Codes) Planning Guidance Documents, land use policy statements, masterplans and briefs for specific areas;

d)      and any subsequent changes to the Development Plan not constituting a new or substantially revised Development Plan Document;

e)     To consider and approve other informal policy guidance for adoption;

f)       To consider and approve the Council’s Local Development Scheme and Annual Monitoring Report;

g)     To consider and approve

(i)            draft Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans for public consultation and

(ii) the final version of Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans;

h)     To consider and approve the Council’s Local List of historic assets or policy documents to safeguard the historic environment;

i)       To consider and approve matters related to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) leading up to the examination in public and the adoption of the CIL charging schedule;

j)       To consider and comment upon other authorities’ or stakeholder’s planning policy documents;        

k)      To respond to government consultations on draft planning legislation and proposed planning policies;

l)       To consider any other planning policy matters not included in any of the above as deemed necessary by the Head of Planning;

m)    To consider and approve Hackney Carriage and Private Hires policies and procedures;

n)     To consider and determine (or delegate to a Licensing Sub Committee):

(i)     Opposed and/or contentious applications made under the Licensing Act 2003 and/or applications for review under the said Act;

(ii)    Opposed and/or contentious applications made under the Gambling Act 2005 and/or applications for review under the said Act;

(iii)   Opposed and/or contentious applications for the granting, renewal, transfer or revocation or sex establishments licenses; private hire and public hire licences in reference to applications listed in 1 a) above;

o)     To consider and approve a licensing policy statement and gambling policy statement for recommendation to the Council and to keep this under review in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005 respectively;

p)     Collaboration and Partnerships related to the remit of this Committee.

To make recommendations regarding:

a.      Changes to this Committee’s Terms of Reference.

b.      Other matters under the Committee’s jurisdiction which, by virtue of statutory provision, must be determined by full Council.

c.      New policies or changes in policy within the remit of the Committee which would require resources beyond those allocated to the Committee.


To Resolve:

a.      New policies or changes in policy within the remit of the Committee which can be accommodated within the Committee’s overall allocation of resources.

b.      Preparation and review of Local Planning Development Documents.

c.      Adoption of Neighbourhood Development Plans.

d.      Adoption of Supplementary Planning Documents.

e.      Confirmation of Conservation Area designations.

f.       Confirmation of lists of local heritage assets.

g.      Responses to consultations from the government, other authorities, external agencies and other bodies, including transportation related consultations, where they would have a significant impact on the delivery of the Local Plan or on the District’s environment.

h.      The seeking of Deemed Planning Consents.

i.       Approving Local Development Orders, Neighbourhood Development Orders and Community Right to Build Orders.

Delegation to Officers:

1.      To the Chief Executive and Directors, the power to implement Council/Committee policies and deal with the day-to-day management of services relevant to this Committee, including the discharge of all functions of the Council, except for those which are identified above as reserved for determination by the Council, Committee or Sub-Committee.

2.      The officers referred to in 1. above have the power in turn to delegate to other officers of their choice, the power to deal on their behalf and in their name with any of the above functions. Such delegation shall be in writing and signed by the relevant SMT Officer and may contain such limitations or be subject to such conditions as that Officer shall decide.

3.      Where committee delegated action has been taken by officers in 1. and 2. above, or the use of urgency powers has been exercised by the Chief Executive or Director this must be reported back to the Chair and Vice Chair at the next available meeting.